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Why I've Migrated to Octopress

In simples terms: to make the whole blog simpler. I don’t need a database to run my blog anymore. I don’t need any server technology. Everything I need is a “plain old web server”.

Matt Gemmell motivated me to use Octopress in his post Blogging With Octopress. Unlike him I’ve never been fireballed and I think I’m far from it, so his arguments about the improvements under high load doesn’t apply to my blog. Yet. I hope.

I’ve chosen Octopress over Wordpress self hosted because I don’t need to worry about caching (I was using W3 Total Cache) and I don’t depend on MySQL not even PHP to run the blog. All the technology I need is running on my Mac: Ruby 1.9.2 (rbenv), Python, Octopress, and a text editor (Sublime Text 2) to write using Markdown format.

To migrate my posts from Wordpress to Markdonw format text files I’ve used exitwp, which is a Python script that converts all your posts and pages from the XML exported by Wordpress. I had to manually edit the generated files, because exitwp doesn’t seem to understand some paragraphs and other little things of my old posts. My laziness of writing have helped me in this task, I’ve very few publisheds posts. If you blog is bigger it’s a good idea to edit the script so it correctly migrate your posts.

The comment system now uses Disqus. Just import your old comments into Disqus using the Wordpress plugin, and keep the same url for your posts to not lose any comments.

The blog is now “baked” by Octopress which is built around Jekyll. It’s super easy to run the blog locally and deploy it to your server, Octopress will generate all the static web site for you. Two commands and your site is up and running:

bundle exec rake generate
bundle exec rake deploy

So I don’t need to handle caching anymore. The default theme is beautiful. Adjusts automatically to fit screens of all sizes. Integrates with Github, Twitter and more. Simple. Easy. Stunning. Love it.